Ashley <3 (holla_4a_dolla) wrote,
Ashley <3

right now now now...

My life in a nutshell right now is CRAZY. I rarely find time to breath and have me time. I can't really change any of it, work, class, kdt, family, friends ect.. so i just go with it, and i'm trying to make the most of it, it's just hard not to be so stressed. I worked on destressing this weekend, hopefully it will work untill fall break, at least. lol.

I feel like I am constantly stuck in the bubble, and the world keeps on going without me.I feel alone alot of the time. It sucks, but that to, im working on.
I need to focus more on school and improve my grades, however this semester i have lacked ambition for my classes. With the new change of major to interior design, i feel more hopeful and ready to tackle one of my goals.

Love isn't so much happening right now for me either. Boys are complicated, weather or not they'd like to admit it. Im questioning everything right now. I feel like i have this new opportunity but it'd be the last, and it'd be serious. Im scared. I have no clue what i want.

I wish our life plans were mapped out for us. That would be greatly useful for times like this.
Untill next time.
Keep living your Life =)
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