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Im the truth to your lies..

This is me getting my shit together.
Ive been wasting time & money... F the future though. F college.
Im not ready for the world, because i have no idea what i want to do.
Lack of motivation=shitty grades..
Some may call it pathetic, but i just want to be happy and enjoy my life, unlike most people just thinking about money.
Finals week has hit hard. Studying all night, even made a study guide, for the ice storm to hit and have the test be optional. WTF. that's my life though. It was a good lesson i suppose.

well.. somedays i feel like i want/need commitment, and the others.. well im perfectly fine without the stress of it, and having everything else except the label of it all. I mean i think i feel like i need it because its the cultural 'norm' But hell.. Its good for right now, i don't see a future, so it's ok to keep it around if it makes me happy and someone still cares about me at the same time.

At least with the new year approaching, i have a chance to redeem my life. And actually make something of myself.

It's weird to think how much people have changed too. Just in one year, i barley talk to my old friends. it sucks. I miss it. It's awkward, i dont know how to fix it.. or if well it should be fixed. It's no ones fault, just busy lives. lack of energy. gay. =(

KDT.. well that has pretty much consumed my life/money. Its hard to pull a failing organization out of the gutter. But it's on its way back up. =)

For once i don't have drama around me, probably because i dont really give two shits anymore. Whatever happens, and im just honest now a days, and if people can't handle that, well i was the bigger person. It's a good time i suppose.
I guess this is a good catch up on my life.
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