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she was precious like a flower, she grew wild, wild but innocent..

Oh how ive missed you l.j. =(

Where to update my life? Im not sure.
I have felt like an adult lately, and it scares me. Finally knowing what im doing with my life is a great feeling!
I am currently going through a "break up" i guess you'd call it. with my "relationship" that i have had for a year and some change now. Im not sad. Its for the best.. I miss him sometimes but we're not talking currently and it's probably for the best. However, i miss my best friend.. He needs to figure out what he wants in life, and i am not going to wait around anymore. It's finally clicked after so long.

I feel alone in life, but it has made me an even stronger person in the end. Its sad when i walk by most of my best friends and know nothing about their lives, it pains me that they dont even get excited to see me.. are they still my friends? Sadly it doesnt seem that way anymore. We're all different people now. Who's to blame, what is too blame? Organizations, college, people, boyfriends, whatever the reason may be it still sucks.. It sucks when you get older you also have fewer friends. Who would have thought it'd turn out this way just a few years ago =(
I have to stay positive, it doesn't seem to bother them, so why should it me?
Everything will be ok in the end. I have hope. Maybes it's just time to give up and walk away..

Life can be a joke, but i enjoy its humor it hands me.

Until next time
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