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Open your eyes...

Its crazy that late night thoughts, snow patrol, and a good cry can put your life: the past, present and the future into perspective..
I now understand what people meant when they did certain things that hurt me so much. With time passing, it reiterates how much more knowledge you gain with age and experiences.
I love not having any regrets in life. I love the fact that i actually really truly do LOVE my life right now. And i can clearly say that without hesitation.

Im actually opening my eyes to things that i never thought i would have a few years ago...

Im eating healthier & doing fitness classes...
I know what i want to do with my future.. I have decided to go to grad school. Big shocker for myself. And i plan to go out of state, seeing as how i've always felt as if there's nothing in KY for me.

Im talking to a boy.. we have everything in common yet we are so different.. I quite enjoy it. I found someone that gets me more then ever before.. I hope things continue to progress...

Im also playing basketball on a team for KDT. Something that i've always wanted to do, that no one ever really knew. And now im actually going for it...

I actually have money that i can spend on myself and i love it.

So basically in a nutshell.. I love working all the time, I love taking 18hrs and actually enjoying my classes.. I love my friends.. I love how im trying new things.. 2009 looks very hopeful for me!
Therefore, i cant complain life has treated me quite well. I have all that i could possibly want.
<3 <3 <3
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