Ashley <3 (holla_4a_dolla) wrote,
Ashley <3

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There's really no way to reach me..

Lately, I have felt like i'm just sitting here in slow motion in my own bubble, while the rest of the world around me seems to be continuing on without me. It's hard to explain how i have been feeling as of recent... I feel like everyone is happy around me and here i sit. All i do is work, homework and KDT activities, it's getting old fast. I love my classes, however, i never have enough time to do all my work.

I feel like i've lost touch with alot of things and people. My family really won't talk to me so that sucks, i feel like they could care less about me, since I'm not in the Marines or live with them still. It sucks when you're the only one who is out of the loop, and doesn't get invited to things because they forgot too, or are too lazy to ask you themselves.. Oh well, maybe they'll start caring someday soon.. maybe they'll realize soon enough that they hurt my feelings, and that I have no desire to talk to them.

I wish i had more motivation.. I'm hopeful for spring, maybe then I'll be out of my rut. I just want to feel cared about, i don't think that's too much to ask for. I need ambition to turn things around!
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