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you belong among the wild flowers, you belong somewhere you feel free..

Oh how sometimes I'd love to run away from reality...
My life as of late has become an endless cycle.. work, nap, work, sleep.. with occasional eating and workingout thrown in the mix, plus drinking of course. lol...
Working three jobs isn't all that great..I'm a slave to the money =(

It's sad when your co-workers and roommates have grown to be your best friends. what happened to the past? What has happened now.. what will happen to me in the future? These questions I am puzzled with on a day to day basis.

I can't complain about life, because well, I have pretty much everything i could need... or want...

Things are finally coming together years later, and all i do is laugh. My life is a joke. I don't know what i want anymore.. I thought i did, but its a bittersweet symphony trying to make ends meet.

It has felt great to write again, I wish i could do this more often.. I wish i had a companion to share all these thoughts and dreams with. ..

Till next time!
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